Can You Discover the Secrets of the Soul Gems?

Notorious criminal mage Pandora is wreaking arcane havoc on Toronto, petrifying unsuspecting innocents and stealing away with them in the night. If the police force isn’t properly equipped to track and stop a magical mastermind, who is?


Enter Magehunter Investigations - lead by mystical investigator Liam and his plucky magical corgi sidekick, Ein. Though they're just starting to strike out on their own, no one else has the gumption, experience, or lollipops to decipher the wild witch's motives!

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Gameplay Footage (Work in Progress)

Unlocking the Secrets of the Soul Gems


Use stealth and strategy to avoid detection, then ambush the enemy to gain the upper hand!


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Bonded by family, food, fun, and friendship, Khookey strives to provide sources of inspiration, excitement, and adventure to everyone around the world.

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